Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day Two In Harpoville Canada

Yesterday, was day one what a waste. The Toronto Star had him on a horse, kissing Klien ass screaming "Here comes the West, here comes the West". (translation: do you love me now Daddy)........

I thought of doing this yesterday, but, couldn't get off the bong long enough to blog. The couch was the only safe haven from what will be. I haven't felt this lost since the dark days of B.M. the P.M.. ........ We, can only pray(he likes cough syrup too?)....... screw that, that's what he's doing; praying. We need a much higher power........ The people....... screw them, or at least the dim witted dolts who believed the high powered TV ads that cried out for change;
"The Liberals are crooks, and 'YOU' deserve
better crooks, ones who don't get caught"
"We need a newer and better wolf at our door." ....

Christ, (there's that word again), well we might as well get used to it, cause, you're gone hear a lot of it from now on. And, another word we'll have to get used to is that four letter 'F'-word. ...... You know the one........ no, not that one. The four letter 'F'-word they use all the time in that little-O- country to da' South.......... FEAR! ....... That's the one, kind'a gives you an overwhelming feeling of "DREAD" just thinking about it. ........ G.W. and the Americans get to have a Bin Ladin to "FEAR", why can't we have one? So, That will be one of HARPO's first duties; get us something to "FEAR", and fast. Cause, if we don't have something to "FEAR" by Friday, we might just sober up and realize; there's a dofus driving this bus. ...... Just look how long it's been working down south.

Well, to recap yeasterday; HARPO was elected(no shit), though, thank C. to a minority government. That means, it'll only be a matter of time before they're all back at work(ha) doing little of anything useful, but, being paid well for it. ...... But, as the hayseeds from Alberia take their seat behind HARPO in the House of Commons they'll soon start opening their mouths, then the fun will begin. Remember these aren't just Conservatives, these are
What the hell does that mean?
Stay tuned.
PS: I'm searching for the insighted.

So, the idea of The HARPOVILLE post is to catch and share these little nuggets of litterary gold that will soon start falling from their lips.


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