Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nothing Say's I Love You Like

A Handshake from your ol'man. ...... Here our beloved Harpo celebrates his love and affection for his son with a nice firm handshake. But, to be honest, Harpo got his son mixed up with some potential voters when a bus load of midget Canadian voters(the C.M.C.V.C.), surrounded and interurped Harpo as he was in Timmins Ontario touring that cities Deforestation Days Ceremonies. But, even when his son tried to remind his father he wasn't really a midget voter, but, his own son, Harpo couldn't listen because his eyes had already glazed over and he was well into his ten minute voters ramble. But, luckly it was all ironed out, and all was forgiven, when after his ramble, Harpo 'came to', boarded the Big Blue Conservative Election Bus and off it headed to Sudbury's Strip Mining Days.
Though later, it was learned, young Harpo jr. boarded the wrong bus and ended up spending the night with the midgets in a Cat House in downtown LaDud' Quebec.
We understand that young Harpo jr. is back at home here in Harpoville. He's spending quality time, with the good doctors and nurses at our own Harpoville Hospital, and getting the help he so desperately needs, before that facility is closed, and the new private clinic opened.


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