Saturday, January 23, 2010


The Harpoville Post has sprung open it's doors and sharpened up its pens to help celebrate this the marking the Golden Jubilee, less 45-years, celebration in our beloved leader Harpo's rule. Surely the good people of Harpoville will be busy hanging banners and baking pies, Harpo's favorite, and dancing in the streets till the wee hours of the evening. Since seven pm is curfew and any Harpoville citizens caught on the streets past the hour of seven will be severely scolded, written up and immediately put to death.
Our beloved Harpo has seen fit to joyously celebrate this occasion by eliminating work for himself and his dooly elected MP's for the next two months. Citizens of Harpoville will fortunately be expected to work they're required 14+ hours and then be present and pleasant on the parade route as it winds itself thru the streets of harmonious Harpoville later today.

Long live King Harpo!


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