Saturday, January 28, 2006

NORTH WEST PASSAGE; Not on the market, yet!

Quick to clear the air, our much loved but, often misunderstood grand leader; Harpo reported to The Harpoville Post, that comments made this past week by the "L" press(liberials, lesbions and liars), in reaction to comments made by US ambassador David Wilkins, on just who owns the rights to The Great White Norths; North West Passage, were greatly misunderstood. To The Harpoville Post, Harpo explained that what he meant to say was that a fair market value has not yet been placed on the region in question, so, it is way too soon to start talking exact numbers. Harpo went on to say that he has gone ahead and contacted his Remax agent Stan, from 'Stan The Man Real Estate', and that he will be reporting to the Harpoville Post as soon as a fair value has been put on this, or another region in Harpoville. Harpo reiterated that his newly elected Reform/Conservatives will not be looking at or seriously considering any offers, however large and generous they may be, until the evaluation has been completed. Though, Harpo added that he and his competent staff would be working late through the weekend and that if anyone wished to drop off "be$t reguar$d$" they should do so by way of the back enterance.


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