Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush's Border Mormon Vs. Mexican

"Utha's National Guard hits the ground running in 110 degree heat."

The Harpoville Post reports that the fighting Utha 55 National Guard unit are about to be the first National Guard units to start maning America's border with Mexico. It is G.W. Bush's attempt to prop up the sagging line that was once the U.S. President's soaring popularity numbers. With those numbers dropping to unbelievable lows and still two years to go in his Presidency, G.W. decided to mass 6000 National Guard troups in four States that run along the border with Mexico.

The Harpoville Post has learned that the Utha 55 will be deployed to San Luis Arizona where they will be extending roads, building fences and repairing lighting, jobs usually performed by Mexician workers but, now seem to fit Mormon profiles better. The Utha troops will also be instructed on how to work long hours for low pay and not to keel over and die in the three digit heat that engulfs this desert area, while performing such back-breaking Manuel labor.

The Harpoville Post spoke to Major Hank McIntire who very excitingly told us, "This operation is all set up so my boys can hit the ground running." We asked the Major where his troops will be running to and he said, "Well, running in 110 degree heat may be the wrong word but, we'll arrive ready to get down to doing our part to be the eyes and ears of the President when he and our country so desperately need us." We asked the Major if he will not feel more like the swollen hands and sore achy back of the President once his men starting doing the repairs to the border that have been left undone since America's 'war on terror' started and that doesn't it seem a little strange that the Utha National Guard will be working in Arizona a month before 300 National Guard members from Arizona arrive at their own border and he said, "What? ...... Are you kidding me, that lazy son-of-a-bitch. Well, not on my watch."


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