Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fight Clubs are all the Fashion Fray

"For summer 2006 Blue is the new Black"

The Harpoville Post
Mid-week Editorial

The Harpoville Post reports that America's macho craze for world dominance has trickled backwards and landed at the front doors of homes all across America as men get together to beat other men to a pulp or get beaten themselves. One Californian human punching bag stated; "I don't do this to feel macho, I'm macho enough already."

The Harpoville Post has learned that real life "Fight Clubs" are popping up in basements and garages in suburban homes all across America. Men get together any day of the week to beat the hell out of they're friends with pots, pan, toasters, sticks and yes, even their bare fists, as this craze grows and grows. It seems these are not the type of men who would ever pick a fight with another man in a bar or on the street but, they look forward to it when the members only RSVP comes a calling.

The Haroville Post wonders if these 9 to 5 macho men are living on the edge of battling their own fears or are they slipping down the slow sloppy slope into insanity. If evolution climbs up the ladder why do men insist on the two rungs up three rungs down mentality. Is it G.W. Bush's fear soaked America that has them taking each other to the task of facing their fear of flight and survival by pitting battles in conformed, controlled arenas. If we could crack time travel and reveal history to the last days of Rome would we witness calculated acts of barbaric mind numbing debauchery against each other in some last ditched attempt to control ones own demise now the borders are all secure and flight is no longer an option.


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