Friday, May 26, 2006

Harper's Government Gags Gay Goofs

"Harper is afraid his government can't keep their mouths shut over RCMP gay wedding and start verbal gay bashing"

The Harpoville Post reports that Prime Minister Harpo has told his Tory Toadies to shut the-hell-up when it comes to two Mounties tying the knot before his government gets a chance to stop gay marriages. The gag order delivered from the P.M.'s Office to a few of the gay hating members of his party who are more than likely to open their mouth and stick their old conservative wing-tips deep down into it.

"Conservatives in the closet over gay marriage"

The Harpoville Post has learned that Harpo has made it clear that anyone who speaks his mind on this, or any other, subject will be doused and ousted from his party and Parliament. The National media who are at odds with the PM's selected silence agenda are all over this one and trying hard to encourage gay hating conservatives their chance to finally come clean and step out of the closet on how they really feel about gay marriage.

The Harpoville Post knows the Harpo Government is biting their tongues and bidding their time waiting for the right moment, late one night when these mischievous misanthropes will crawl out from their darkened alley and pounch down apon the unsuspecting same sex marriage minded with a vengeance that will echo their message long and loud across this once liberal, now slowly creeping, conservative country.


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