Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Blog Linking, Not Thinking they Want

"We don't your opinion we want you to repeat what we say"

The Harpoville Post reports that those stupid little bloggers who have nothing to say but only repeat or link to what others say will soon be the big bloggers of the future, that is if A.P. gets its way. The Associtated Press has just released word they will reward lame ass bloggers who do nothing but link off their news stories. You know the ones, the sad sacks that don't have an ounce of word power to state why they're upset but they love to show you where you can go to read what has made them so upset.

"They're not bloggers they're hall monitors"

The Harpoville Post hates these no brain bloggers who think the idea of a political topical blog is to point and click to other blogs. These lazy assholes who think they're cool and hip to have a blog that does, does, does, does nothing but take up space. You see if it's not in your words it's not a blog. If it's not in your words it's their blog so quite thinking it's important that you be the messenger, the traffic guard the hall monitor who tells other people where to go.

The Harpoville Post asks that when you do run across one of these stupid blogs please take the time to leave a comment and tell them to get a dictionary and a life.


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