Friday, May 26, 2006

Sexiest Man in Canadian Politics

Peter McKay "Gosh, O'golly, shucks, I, I, I don't what to say"

The Harpoville Post reports that the votes are in on who's hot and who's not in Harpo's new government. Peter McKay Minister of Foreign Affairs won once again for Canada's Hottest Politician and it's easy to see why. Whether decked in body armor for a photo opportunity on a Afghani air-strip or just chilling during question period this guy has it all. One wonders did his ex-girlfriend Belinda Stronach switch political teams to further her political career or to save herself from this hot hunk of man meat.

The Harpoville Post also learned that others winners at this years Political Press Awards were Rona Ambrose; Voted the woman most likely to end up living alone with a broken down window air conditioner. Gordon O'Connor; Voted the man most likely to end up driven insane and seeing little red terrorist crawling all over him. David Emerson was voted most likely to be found dead in an east end Vancouver riding alley.


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