Monday, May 29, 2006

Toronto Tied To The Tracks eh!

"Left in the lurch Toronto workers get two long weekends in a row."

The Harpoville Post reports that Toronto Transit workers didn't show up for work this spring like Monday morning causing some 700,000 Toronto Transit riders to do the same. The suprise strike of all Toronto transit, union, employees ground Canada's biggest city to a stand still with many commuters having to find their own way into the hussle and tussle of big city life.

"Help us, help us, how will I ever pay for my over priced 27th. floor tiny condo now?"

The Harpoville Post has learned that it all came down to Toronto Transit Commision's desire to move over half of its 87 janitors and 91 subway track workers to night shift to save some money. Negotiations on this issue and others like driver security, health premiums and job evaluations have been a bone of contention between TTC management and the union for months and have finally boiled over into this uncalled but, successfully executed sabotage to the Monday morning Toronto commute.

The Harpoville Post would like to help TTC management in the TTC workers job evaluations by giving all the striking employees an A for health premiums, because they're not spending the day driving around in all that southern Ontario pollution. But, alas The Harpoville Post is forced to award them an F for job security because they're not spending the day driving around in a that southern Ontario pollution.

"Do you know the way to Toronto eh!"

The Harpoville Post would also like to award an A to all those dutiful worker ants that forged forth walking, biking, skipping, uni-cycling, jogging, in-line skating, mo-peding, pole-vaulting, thumbing, pleading, kneeing, gouging and killing their way into work today just to do very little except catch up on personal emailing, do Sudoko, download, server approved porn, and stand around the coffee machine telling tales of what they had to do to get to work today just to leave work early and do the same to get home tonight, congratulations.


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