Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bush and Blair; What a Pair

Tony Blair "If the UN would have stopped us we might not have killed so many innocent civilians"

The Harpoville Post reports Tony Blair may be dumber than G.W.Bush when it comes to opening his mouth and sliding his hush puppies into it. In cries for United Nation reforms in the wake of admitted screw ups made by America and England with the war in Iraq, Tony let stupidty get the better of him by saying, the equivlent of "had the UN done a better job George and me wouldn't have had to go into Iraq and mess that country up so bad."

The Harpoville Post is suprised that now Tony has decide not to run as Prime Minister of England, again, he's decided not to wear his thinking cap when he opens his mouth. During both Iraq wars the United Nations were involved and tried to get cooler heads to prevail but it was America and England that denounced their actions and took action on their own.

The Haropoville Post certainly hope Tony gets called on his actions in the blame game and letting G.W.'s stupid speech tricks rub off all over him.


Blogger Haider Droubi said...

y know really pisses me off to think that words and decisons of 2 people would cost the life of thousend of unfair

1:04 PM  

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