Wednesday, May 31, 2006

O'Connor Can't see no Stinking War

O'Connor, "To me War would be....... well I won't go into what war would be to me but, this isn't a war"

The Harpoville Post reports that Canada's Minister of Defence and War Gordon (Shakey) O'Connor has come out swinging at accusations that Canada is at war in Afghanistan. Mr. O'Connor, no relation to Donald, was in Ottawa to answer questions on what it is that Canada's 2,300, minus 16 deaths, military troops are doing in Afghanistan. Mr. O'Connor's answer; "We are there to build houses, that's right houses. A lot of houses have been blown up since the American's arrived there in 2003 and they need houses so we've sent 2,300 troops or 'carpenters' into Afghanistan to secure the area, kill the Taliban, secure Democracy and, and, and......" Build some houses. "That's right and build some houses."

The Harpoville Post has learned that the Senate Committee has taken the Harpo Government to task, first questioning Peter McKay on how long will we be there and how much money it will cost to fight the Afghanistan War and now questioning Mr. O'Connor who was angered to be questioned at all about Afghanistan. With Canadian troop death tolls mounting and increased anger over American troops after a recent traffic accident caused a riot and saw American troops firing into raged Afghani crowds, Canada's role in the war torn country needs to be clarified for Canadian's sake.

The Harpoville Post spoke to Mr. O'Connor who told us, "This is a rebuilding mission with lot's of bullets and bombs being thrown our way, this isn't a war. And, it's true 'the carpenters', and we like to now to refer to our troops will be heading to the 'work site' in armored vehicles to help level the 'work area' so we can start 'rebuilding the homes' in Afghanistan." then the feisty old dodger added, "But, if you pussy little Senators don't stop picking on little Peter McKay you can step outside with a real man I'll show you what a war is."


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