Friday, June 02, 2006

'All Purpose Remover' Used On Husband

"Opps! she did it again"

The Harpoville Post reports that Millie Edwards, 35 of Fulton Mo. has been arrested and charged with using Opps! All Purpose Remover in a attempt remove her husband. The wife of 18 years was arrested when a nurse walked into her Mr. Edwards hospital room and found the room suspiciously clean. The nurse suspected something was wrong and notified the police.

The Harpoville Post has learned that when the police arrived they questioned Millie and she confessed to cleaning her husbands room which is a small but, punishable offence in that State. Though, on closer inspection the police discovered that Millie not only used Opps! All Purpose Remover on the floors and walls of the room but, she also added some Opps! to her husbands IV bag and Millie was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Millie; "Opps! I guess I got a little carried away, is that a crime?"

The Harpoville Post reports that Millie's 18 years with her husband were not always happy ones as she told The Harpoville Post, "My husband is a jerk, I've been married to a really asshole for 18 years so, the other day I'm walking through Walmart and they've got a special on Opps!, I pick up the bottle and read the label and it says, 'will remove anything', I mean I just had to give it a try."


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