Friday, July 14, 2006

Mr. T. ..... He Pities The Fool?

"I Pity The Fool who stumbles across this while channel surfing"

The Harpoville Post
Entertainment Friday

The Harpoville Post reports that word has it that the hyper, anger filled mad man know as Mr. T. is still alive and feels he has something left to say to TV land viewers and the world of entertainment. The former co-star of the early 80's show The A Team, a show he shared with a talking car, no, that was a different stupid 80's show, anyway now Mr. T's is back on TV and were not sure why. It seems when everybody else was returning to TV in recovery style reality talk shows Mr. T. held out for this donation to the dump; "I Pity The Fool", though wasn't that what McGiver used to say? That's really not important, what is important is what Mr. T. has to say now.

The Harpoville Post has learned that after years of simi-retirement, anger managemant courses and the odd gig opening a car dealership hasn't done much to sharpen Mr. T to the sharpest-tack-in-the-box like state. In a recent interview Mr. T. confessed he's given up his trademark 20 gold chains that hung around his neck after he witnessed the distruction of Hurricane Katrina just last week. It seems Mr. T. has been without cable for well over a year. Mr. T. also said he's discussed by all the old TV stars that are jumping on the Katrina Train just to promote their new reality TV shows. When Mr. T. was asked why he gave up his trade-mark gold chains he said, "Cause if I was in that flood that followed Katrina I'd sink like a rock and 'I Pity The Fool' who'd do that."

The Harpoville Post reports that Mr.T.'s new TV show is a 'talk show' where viewers call in to ask Mr. T. his personal advice on their problems and "I/we Pity the Fool" who would do that.


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