Monday, June 12, 2006

68% of Canadians Think About Sex With Children

The Harpoville Post
New Poll Monday

The Harpoville Post reports that just as the sun comes out every morning throughout this wonderful world, here in Canada, the conservative government releases a new poll every Monday morning and today is no exception. As reported previously in the Harpoville Post the Harpo Government plans to raise the age of consent in Canada from 14 to 16 because, it seems, Canadians can't stop thinking about underage sex.

The Harpoville Post has learned that whopping 68 % of Canadians think about sex with minors under 16. The poll reveals that in all of Canada 71% of British Columbians thought about it the most and the least were in Quebec with only 51% of that province thinking about under age sex. Thoughts on the subject, gender-wise, were suprisingly the strongest from women out thinking men on the subject 68% to 61%. With these results it shows that the Harpo Governments strong swing to the right and more 'conservative' values may meet with some resistance as this new poll reveals that although most Canadians may be potty trained they can't seem to keep their minds out of the toilet.

The real Poll Results:

#1 Pedophilla 81% against, 19% are for(these people quickly ended the phone poll with the phase, "How did you get my number?"

#2 Extra-marital sex 74% against, 26% fantasize about it.

#3 Prostitution 68% against, 32% frequent.

#4 Not mentioned

#5 Age of consent between minors 68% care, 32% like to watch

Only 34% of pollers disapproved of abortion and 31% disapproved of gay marriage and these are two items the Stephen Harpo Government along with Charles McVety plan to do away with.


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