Friday, June 09, 2006

Muslims Cry For Calm & Harpers Hat Size

"While the U.S. Border Patrol points out the best ways for terrorists to enter the United States"

The Harpoville Post suspects that with all recent news of terrorists captured in Canada and big time important ones killed in Iraq one would thing we could ease off on the fear fever switch at least for a few days, but, alas that's not the case. Every fear specialist is seeking their day in the sun as terroists TV Time is at an all time premium and their lining up at the posts.

The Harpoville Post has learned that Canada's Muslim communities are feeling the effects of last weekends Jihad round up of Toronto's terrorists cell, Canada's 'Group of 17'. Mosques have been plummeted with rocks and brown is the new black as terrorized Canadians seek someone to blame for Canada being thrust into terrorist TV Time.

The Harpoville Post reports that America's fear flinging Republicians are seeking cutting Canada's terrorists train to the states by noosing the border tighter than a Pam Anderson top. The United States Border Patrol went so far as to point out all the easy access points to America thru the snow covered ski trails of Vermont. Republican John Hostettler from Indiana, a state that doesn't even touch Canada, is calling for a tighter Canadian border saying, "We can't trust a country like Canada who isn't as afraid as we are." The paraniod Hostettler got a lot of help from Canadian David Harris, a former CSIS employee who was paid handsomely to show up in Washington yesterday to feed Americian fears about Canada. The equally fearfull Harris said, "Canada takes in 3 to 4 times the amount of the worlds poor refugees than America does, not counting all your 20 Million illegal Mexicans. We are in a life and death struggle a race against time." The last comment made little sense but, brought thunderous applause from the mostly Republican house.

The Harpoville Post feels it's lynching time in America as the Republicans seek reelection in Congress and suggests to anyone, any other color than white, to stay away from the US border, at least till all the fear filling has calmed in that country. Unfortunatly the rise of fear also flourishs here in Canada as spring may be blooming but, storm clouds can be seen gathering on the southern horizon.


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