Saturday, September 02, 2006

Conservatives Jusy Say 'Maybe' in Vancouver

Clement "Yes, No, Maybe!...... O'hell I haven't been told what to think yet"

The Harpoville Post reports that Canada's Minister of UnHealth Tony Clement just can't get off the fence when it comes to making a decission about Vancouver's safe injection site so, he's decided not to decide. Vancouver's very successful safe injection site for Heroin users was set to close September 12 but can remain open for 3 1/2 more years if the Conservative's would stop being so Conservative and stop being afraid of what people may or may not think. Clement decided not to decide and has allowed the site to stay open till December 31 of next year while, while, while they think about.

The Harpoville Post spoke to one of the sites officials who said; "I can't believe that a Government who sends young men and woman into battle into the worst Heroin ridden country in the world and thinks that some of them will not come back with a monkey on their back. History has proved that both America and Russia brought home soldiers addicted to Heroin after major military conflicts. It was the reason Russia couldn't win in Afghanistan. Now they're ready to say once you people return with drug problems there may or may not the help you need on the street and anything more than a pamphlet saying 'Just Say No After We Say Maybe'."

The Harpoville Post also spoke to Mr. Clement and he had this to say; "It's hard to make decisions when there is so much at stake, like our political future. And although the Vancouver Police Department don't want it there doesn't mean it hasn't been successful at helping Heroin addicks by giving them free needles so to cut down on the spread of HIV we know these are good things but, when you voting base is a bunch of hay-seeds who have never been out of Bum-Fuck Sask.. and seen how bad the drug and AIDS problems are in our major cities it makes it hard for a minority elected Conservative Government to have the balls to remove that fence post, we keep firmly planted up or asses, so we never have to make a major decission like this, thank you."


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