Monday, January 30, 2006

HARPO Interviews New Nanny

It may be a mild January here in Harpoville, but, today The Harpoville Post has learned, the heat was on and tempers flared in Harpoville last week, not because of the election ball Paul Martin, so clumsily dropped, just one week ago today, but, because of a misunderstanding when our beloved leader Harpo met with Governor General Michaelle Jean.
Grand leader Harpo had set aside that glorious morning in Harpoville to interview potential nannies for his two children, the clever Harpo jr. and 'the girl'. Harpo said; "It's the dream of ever man, once he is made ruler to get rid of the old help and get new ." That mornings interviews had gone along well, but, were running late when Governor General Michelle Jean arrived and was led into Harpo's throne room.
When they were first introduced Harpo thought she was the Haitian nanny the service had arranged to send over. When asked for her resume' and references the right honorable Miss Jean looked puzzled.
Harpo replied; "What's the matter do I have to speak french with you too?" And then Harpo started speaking, french to her in his slow drawn out way.
The Governor General replied: "You call that french?" And started to laugh.
Harpo was puzzled, saying "listen sister you ain't got the job yet".
To which the Governor General replied, "O'contrair pastie, I already got the job, it's you who ain't in yet. And if you don't start adding some shine to that shin-o-la, this parties over."
Harpo's mouth dropped to the ground, he'd never been talked to, like this, by 'the help' before.
At that moment one of Harpo's, ex- aids, rushed into the room and announced that this was not a potential nanny but the Govenor General herself. Harpo quickly apologized, soon all was forgotten, the aid beheaded, and the meeting went on as planned paveing the way for Harpo to set up the new government of Harpoville.

Later that day Harpo learned that as leader, Harpo has the power to replace Govenor General Michele Jean with a real General. Harpo was over-heard muttering "really, she may end up working for me yet."


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