Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nov.22 1963 If You Weren't There, You'll Never Know

"43 years ago today they slaughtered a man on the streets of Dallas."

Editorial Comment:
The Harpoville Post reports that even after all this time the most significant event to change the course of history in the last 100 years in the United States and the World came and went with little or no mention. On this day 43 years ago in Dallas Texas America watched, near silent, as their President was carved up and served, like a Thanksgiving turkey and America took it's place in the history of the World as a World Empire. Like the pages out of the history book, after the killing of the leader takes place, the country is then controlled from behind closed doors. A secret military style government is in place, one whose desire is World domination with total secrecy is short and sweet.

After JFK was assassinated on the streets of Dallas Texas at 12:30 pm Nov 1963 America was taken over and controlled to become what she is today the most feared(China, Iran and N.Korea), hated(Middle East), indebted(9 Trillion and counting) and dangerous country in the world. They, the inventor's of everything from Pop Tarts to Television, Hummers to Hooters, McDonald's to Madonna and Dick's to Bush have as if forgotten they're own history in a breakneck race to write even more. Those who do not learn from the past and destine to repeat the same mistakes.

Three reasons to kill him:
1) He planned to remove J.Edgar Hover as head of the FBI
2) He wanted to smash the CIA into 1,000 pieces.
3) He wanted to end the Federal Reserve. He said; "As long as there is a Federal Reserve America will be in debt." 43 years later America is 9 Trillion in the hole.


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