Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pro-McKay Supporters Love Their Bitches

"We lik'em barefoot, pregant and down on all fours."

The Harpoville Poost reports that after much consideration from Canadian women voters they're finding the new Conservative Government beyond serious consideration. A new poll is showing that the Harpo Government is loosing the support of intelligent women voters who walk upright on two legs. Though, it seems, Tory support is still strong from slow, subservant women that walk on four legs and are referred to in the Tory Government as "Bitches."

The Harpoville Post has learned that although support has been slipping since the summer recent events have stepped up the decline. Last month the Harpo Government celebrated, through the hard work of the previous Liberal Government, a 13 Billion dollar kitty. The Government celebrated it by slashing a Billion dollars worth of spending from women's groups and Native Illiteracy programs. Now with this weeks announcement in the House of Commons from Foreign affairs Minister Peter McKay that his ex-girlfriend Belinda Stronach is nothing but a dog is not winning over fair-sex voters. But, the real stinger comes in McKay's insistance he didn't do it. The state of Peter's riverside address in India is being pumped up on the Net as pro-Tory bloggers, usualy short, stocky, bald men who's massive rejection from the fair sex still burns deep within their souls as they support Peter's puss-filled, crotch comments made about Belinda, (the one that got away) Stronach.

The Harpoville Post reports the reversal of their mis-fortune from female voters will not happen anytime soon as this Tory Government blindly follows the desires of religious strong-armers like Charles McVety as they step deeper into the abyss by reopening the same sex marriage law set for this fall. Though the Harpo Government knows they can not overturn the Gay Marriage law they want to make sure any Homo Hating House of The Lord won't have to bide by the new law and allow and offer services in what they call un-holy unions.


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