Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bush Asks Canada Who The Fucks Arar?

"We got a Jamie Farr is that who you're talking about?"

The Harpoville Post reports that Canadian Prime Minister Harpo called the White House to ask US President G.W. Bush about the ill treatment of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who's was arrested and detained in New York City when his plane landed there back in 2002. Arar, who was eventually labeled a terrorist and deport to Syria where he was tortured has recently be cleared of any charges in Canada, apologized to by the RCMP but has been roughly ignored by the ruling Conservative party. It seems Maher Arar was wrongfully arrrested and detained by police when his flight landed in New York City and the RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the American's he was a terrorists. Although the RCMP have admitted they were behind the mix-up that led Arar being labled a terrorist and sent to Syria where he was thrown in prison and tortured Prime Minister Harpo wants the US President to comment anyway.

The Harpoville Post has learned that while the White House weclomed Harpo's call and the funds, although in Canadian curency, he has been secretly sending to President Bush for admission to his World Domination Foundation they mostly laughed off his call. When the Harpoville Post spoke to US President G.W. Bush he had this to say; "I swear that fuckin' Harpo's on something stronger than 5% Labatt's, he just gets a bit little goofier everyday. What the fucks he phone us for? Thia Arar lands in America, his intelligence agency tells us he's a terrorists. we throw his ass in jail then deport him back to Syria where they hook him up to their version on Con Ed give him a couple thousand volts to help deepen his tan and then he calls us when he's fucked up. It seems a little back-ass-wards to be ragging on us now about this."


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