Monday, January 30, 2006

HARPO: Tight Lipped About Being Tight Lipped

Ethics....... Sm-ethics

The Harpoville Post is going to bat for our busy leader Harpo, as he fields balls from the 3L-press (Liberals, Lesbions and Liars). So far no runs scored as honesty and trustworthiness prevail in our man Harpo, as he holds firm on his convictions on exactly why he was unavailable for comment, when, last fall, Bernard Shapiro, the federal Ethics Commissioner, came calling.
Speaking on behave of Harpo; Karl Hush, Harpo's six month comment advisor said; "It was a very busy time those last months of the election, August through November, a very busy time".
But, when reminded that the election had not yet been called, durning the peroid in question, Karl added, "But it was the anticipation period of the up coming election. And extremely busy time, for all of us"
The Liberal funded Bernard Shapiro, say's 'he tried' over a four month period to interview Harpo. "Which is ridicules," said Karl, "Harpo was available through out that whole peroid. Why, I myself spoke to our leader, Harpo twice, so, there were two times he could have spoke to him, but, they didn't. Most likely he was on one of those high-priced Liberal (taxpayer funded) junkets..... Ya, I bet that's what it was, they go on them all the time."
Karl Hush insured us that as soon as our leader Harpo is available for comment on this or any other matter he will contact The Harpoville Post for an exclusive in-depth interview.

Karl Hush added "Our leader Harpo wants us to remember, that at times of war..... loose lips sink ships."

Stay tuned.


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