Saturday, February 25, 2006


Is Canada at War?

The Harpoville Post reports today that Gordon O'Connor, no relation to Donald O'Connor, Harpo's new Minister of War, came screaming out with the new Conservative battle cry for war.

In a Conservative news brief, held to deflate cries from concerned Canadian citizens against sending 2200 troops to Afghanistan, the 'crazy eyed' Minister of War Gordon O'Connor, no relation to Carroll O'Connor told The Harpoville Post, "At 9/11 terrorists attacked North America and killed Canadians. Let me make it clear that when Canadians are killed Canada will defend itself, that is why we are in Afghanistan."

When The Harpoville Post asked the 'old crazy eyes' O'Connor, "Are you saying Afghanistan attacked Canada in 9/11? Mr. O'Connor replied; "9/11, terrorists, 9/11, terrorists."

The Harpoville Post has learned Canadians believe there should be a debate before sending 2200 troops to Afghanistan. The NDP defence critic Delta Dawn Black said, "I think there should be a debate."
The Liberal party have called for a debate by saying, "Even if we just get together and debate whether a debate should be held in order to debate the sending of 2200 troops to Afghanistan. Both party's agree what we need is a debate.

The Harpoville Post asked 'old crazy eyes'; is there a direct threat from the country of Afghanistan? 'Crazy Eyes' replied; "9/11 terrorists, terrorists, 9/11, O'yea, terrorists, 9/11, 9/11"


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