Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers"

Fast Food Giant admits filling their Gluten free French Fries with Gluten.

The Harpoville Post reports of the fast food giant admitting that the gluten is used to flavor their french fries because they have no flavor other than gluten.

The Harpoville Post has also learned that the company's french fries have 1/3 more trans-fat than they even thought possible.

The Harpoville Post reports a woman from Los Angeles has sued the fast food giant because of the report of dairy in the french fries. The woman claims of being a vegan, 'though not a very bright one', because she eats in a restaurant that advertises they sell dead cow on a bun and she doesn't eat dairy.

A representataive said, "I swear they're dumber than a bag of hammers."

He suggested they rewrite the menu to read; our hamburgers have no meat in them, our mike shakes no milk, our ketchup contains no tomatoes, our french fries no potatoes or any french, our Egg A'Muffin contains no egg or muffin, and our fish sandwich has no fish....... Now come and get it.

The Harpoville Post reports the company may start requesting their customers take an IQ test before they are served. A number of years ago they were sued for serving hot coffee, to a woman who ordered hot coffee, then put it between her legs, while sitting in a car, and burned her lap. To this Einstein they paid $160,000.

The Harpoville Post learned the company's claim that their french fries were gluten, diary or wheat free were untrue. But, said; "If your the type of customer who likes these item in your french fries we got them here."

The company said "We've reviewed things we've said in the past and found them untrue, so expect more in the furture............" Then added; "Would you like fries with that?"

Photo By Julie Soefer
From 'Super Size Me'


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