Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Death To All Cartoonist"........Cartoons May Be Rubbed Out.

The Harpoville Post has learned a Pakistani Cleric has offered 1.5 million rupees about $47.50 US, and a 1977 Dodge Rambolt for the death of cartoonist.
As reported earlier in The Harpoville Post the cartoons themselves are living in fear, thinking they will be next and now with the news that the cartoonist will be killed they know they're one step closer to being 'rubbed out'.

As Islamic protesters march through the streets of downtown Pakistan holding signs, written in english, reading ; 'Death To All Cartoonist', 'Don't Play With Our Religion' and another reading, 'Bring Back Arrested Development', cartoons all over Harpoville are living in fear, not sure when the next eraser will fall.

Foghorn Leghorn said from his Harpoville Hen House, "I say, I say it's just that they just don't listen boy. Are you listening to me boy, I say, are you listening to me boy? Mr. Leghorn spoke in confidence as we walked beside the chicken wire fence that surrounds his property. "You just don't know. It's like what came first the chicken or the egg? .... You just don't know, but, I'll tell you who comes first in my Hen House, and that's the Rooster."

Local Harpovillian Elmer Fudd spoke to The Harpoville Post just prior to his extented hunting trip and said; "They're a waskaly bunch, wheel twicky. So, I'm goin' huntin and catch me a wabbit."
When The Harpoville Post informed local resident Bugs Bunny of the fear rising amongest our local Harpoville illustrations he replied, "Wabbit huntin' season, aye, thanks for da tip Doc."

The Harpoville Post caught up with The Simpsons creator Matt Groening in Los Angeles at The Old Hollywood Haberdashery and Terban Outlet, and when we asked him his opinion, he said; "Well there is nothing to fear, the Simpsons family have been moved to another Springfield in another 'undisclosed' State, where they are safe."

When we asked Mr. Groening what plans he had made for his own personal safety, he replied, "I have no plans to change the way I live. I feel it's a free country we live in and as long as you don't make too much fun of the Bush administration we're safe......... Hey guy's what do you think, Does this Turban make me look too hip-y? I hear these things can put ten pounds on you."


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