Saturday, February 11, 2006

GRETZKY: What's Wrong With Wayne

Why, Wayne, Why?

The Harpoville Post reports today of crying children lining the streets of Harpoville dressed in tattered and torn Gretzky Number 99 kids apparal screaming out, Why. Wayne Why?

With reports of 'The Great One' being more involved, than first thought, in a betting scandal that is sweeping the news, more and more Harpovillians are left feeling dazed and confused.

A spokesperson for the leading car manufacture Gretzky lends is name to said; "If Wayne doesn't clear himself from this pile of shit quick I'm afraid, like the T-Bird, he'll be last years model.

Another spokesperson for a leading fast food chain said; "If that boy don't take off his skates and run, we'll be dropping his ass into a fryer like a noonday filet of Salmonella."

These companies like thousands of others that 'The Great One', lends his face and name to for large amounts of cash must be rethinking their wonder boy spokesperson.
But, one wonders how long, they'll stand behind 'The Great One" before the stench is too great.

When The Harpoville Post asked his wife Janet if she would bet Wayne would come out of this unscathed? She said. "You bet I do.... What are the odds?"


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