Friday, February 03, 2006

Coming Feburary 6th. 2006 The Release of: Big Brother & Crazy Cousin

The Harpoville Post
Movie Preview:
Release date: Feb. 6th. 2006
H.P.O. Pictures is pleased to announce the Feb.6th. 2006 release of their new epic saga: Big Brother & Crazy Cousin.

The tale of two leaders torn from terror itself, set adrift in a world of fear and forgetfulness. A tale they begged not to be told, but, be told it must, over and over again. So horrible, you'll beg for an end.

for the faint of heart: The Toronto Condo
Terror torn from truth: The Vancouver Ferry
I know the one guy, but whose's his cousin?: The Washington Wingnut
We all begged for the ending: The Baghdad Sum-Times.


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