Thursday, February 02, 2006

al Qaeda Say's Canada: Come On Down

The Harporville Post has learned that the news of our leader, Harpo, sending 2,200 Canadian troops to Afghanistan has excited al Qaeda and the Taliban. An al Qaeda news release has stated that since the Americans left the region, near two years ago to invade Iraq and topple Sadam, things have been quite boring here. But, with this news of Canadians coming, al Qaeda and the Taliban are looking forward to having some fresh white meat to shoot at.
Leader Harpo says it's our Harpoville values, like, high taxation and depleating health care we wish to share with the rest of the world. He stressed that will take time, but, until we do, here are some ill equipped and poorly trained troops to shoot at.
The Canadians will also be there to clean up after the American invasion of 2001, why; "because that's what we do," leader Harpo says "we'll fight the war on terrorism with a mop and dust pan if we must."


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