Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another Call From The KING

How exciting the second month in office has began, for our leader Harpo, when, The Haporville Post, learned that the King of America, G.W. Bush called our beloved leader for a second week in a row. The fondness these two great leaders feel for each other is all so apparent in their constant communique'. How rich we the people of Hapoville feel knowing these two rulers of the world have a bond tighter than glue. Unfortunatly, our leader was away from his desk when first the The King called. The Harpoville Post, in our quest to keep you abreast, has attained a transcript of the momentous moment.


G.W.: Not this again, where the fuck are they? .....I swear it's like a vacation land up there. Pick up.....pick up.
Female voice: Hello, illustrious leader Harpo's office.
G.W.: Hi honey, is Harpo there? .....
Female voice: Sorry sir, he just stepped out.
G.W.: Well he just stepped into a whole mess a shit?
Female voice: Would his highness like to leave a message?
G.W.: You've fucking right I want to leave a message.
Female voice: One moment I'll connect.
Female voice: Go ahead sir.
G.W.: Hey Harpo I hope your getting this cause I'm only going to say it once. Where's my money? ........ It's time to pay up you little prick? Who do you think got your foot in the door. ...... I told you last week this fucking war is cleaning me out and I meant it...
Harpo(out of breath): Hello?
G.W.: Harpo, there you are.
Harpo: Sorry a'boot that sir., you caught me in the bathroom.
G.W.: Playing with your toy phone again?
Harpo: No sir,.....well, I guess.
G.W.: I'll cut to the chase Harpo, where my money?
Harpo: Well, you see........ I haven't got it.
G.W.: Listen Harpo, you came to me wanting to be PM, I said OK, now you're PM, I want my money.
Harpo: We'll I'm not prime minister yet. I don't become that till next Monday.
G.W.: Next Monday? ..... Listen Harpo, if I'd waited around till they counted all those votes in 2000, do you know where I'd be right now?
Harpo: On vacation, sir?
G.W.: On vacation, I like that one Harpo. No, but, I'll be on one in ten minutes. ....... What I was saying is, that if I waited around for them to recount all those votes in Florida I'd be sitting on my ass back in Houston circling the want ads. You get my drift?
Harpo: I think so sir.
G.W.: Don't think Harpo do. It's your money...... fuck that, it's my money, go get it.
Harpo: Yes sir.
G.W.: You're dame right, yes sir, I didn't wall paper Ontario and Quebec to hear you say, 'later', understand.......and don't make me come up there....... By the way, sorry my boys in Baghdad took a shot at some of your people over there.
Harbo: We have people in Baghdad?
G.W.: Apparently so, ...... Well, sorry again, and I'll be expecting the Cheque. (Click!)
Harpo: We have people in Baghdad?

To date 2244 Americans have been killed in Iraq
Canadians killed in Iraq is still at 0, but the Americans are working on that.


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