Sunday, February 05, 2006


The Harpoville Post wishes to reasure, the loyal, patrons of Harpoville that, reports today of tanks lining the streets of Harpoville are in anticapation of tomorrows swearing in of our new leader Harpo.
"The military are just here to show love, devotion and support for our leader", said General Todd (Body Count) Majors.
The General assured all patrons of Harpoville not to be afraid of the armed solders. "Just act like they are not there." Adding; "These men are trained, high strung, killers and this is just another day in the 'new' Harpoville."
He added; "The complying patrons of Harpoville should know, that, if there is any gunfire it will be 'friendly' fire and it is not aimed at them."
Though, the General advised, "It would be a good idea that they be prepared to duck, just in case."
The General then said, "It might be an another good idea for the 'good and loyal' patrons of Harpoville to wear their Harpo devotion braclets." But, added; "It is true, they are not as easy to spot until the operation is complete."


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