Friday, February 10, 2006

GREZTKY; "I Know Nothing, I Know Nothing"

The Harpoville Post reported today of Wayne Gretzky's imitation of Coronel Klink, from the 1960's TV show Hogan's Heroes, when asked what he knew of his wife's gambling habit. Wayne's reply of; "I know nothing, I know nothing," brought the press to tears of laughter as Wayne loaded bags of cash onto a plane headed towards Switzerland.

When asked if he had noticed anything different in his wives behavior over the past few months. Wayne said. "I guess I should have said something when I noticed her curled up into the fetal position throughout last Sunday's Super Bowl, she didn't even stick her head up to see the Stones. " He added, "Janet is Janet, she's still the same old girl I picked up at a hockey banquet so many years ago."

Investigators say 1.7 million was bet through the betting ring based in New Jersey, $500,000 by Janet Gretzky alone. When asked about the amount Wayne replied, "I guess that's proves how small the betting ring was, if Janet was one of five involved.
Personally, I didn't even notice the cash was missing." He said while, collecting cheques for autographed pictures of the 'Great One'.

"Though, I guess I should have a talk with the little lady." Which brought a round of laughter and high fives from the reporters in the room. "I'll do it as soon as I get back into the country".


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