Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Make You Next Funeral A 'FUN-ERAL'

The Harpoville Post
Advertising feature:

Tired Of The Same Old Funeral
Turn Your Next Funeral Into A 'FUN-ERAL'

We're all getting older, and everyday more and more of our relatives, and yes, sometimes even 'our loved ones', seem to be hitting the bricks and dropping like flies.
We, here at McCaskets Funeral Parlour, know this more than anyone. We're working hard for you, and if you feel the same way too and want something different, for those of yours, who have gone, but, not yet forgotton, we here at McCaskets want you to consider a...... 'FUN-ERAL'

It's a FUN and exciting way to send off the ones you love the most.

Try Our:

POP-UP-CASKET: Guaranteed to have them rolling in the isles.

How about our 'BOTTOMLESS URNS'... You'll be saying; "Where'd he go?"

We also offer: 'Leaking, 'book of condolence' pens' ... Turn that beautiful white suit into a ink covered mess.... Who wears white to a funeral anyway?

Or for that relative 'no-one-much-liked' ....... Try our brand new F-URINAL'.
Be sure to leave him the respect he deserves.

And, for our deeply religious brothers, how about the new 'WHOOPEE-PRAYER-RUG'.
You'll be hearing comments like; "O' Osama, I think you had too much Ba-ba-ganoosh. Ha.Ha.Ha."

So, next time, and we all know there'll be a 'next time', don't say 'So Long' with flowers and condolences, say it with a McCaskets 'FUN-ERAL'

And get this party started.


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