Tuesday, February 07, 2006


TOM And JERRY scared shitless they're next.

The Harpoville Post has learned that Iran's outcry for the heads of Cartoon Characters have Harpoville residents Tom and Jerry scared shitless.
"You wonder where and when it'll end" said Jerry in is Harpoville home this morning, "Sure it's all fun and games until someone gets beheaded."
Jerry added "I spoke with Homer Simpson this afternoon and he and Marge are in hiding." Neither Homer or Marge Simpson was available for comment.

Tom, Jerry's long time sidekick is said to be bunkered down waiting for the smoke to clear.
"I really feel for the guy" Jerry added, " He's had some problems over the years, trying to get off the saucer. He's been stuck to the ceiling over this for days.

The Harpoville Post has learned that many of TV's famous cartoon characters moved to Harpoville, from the United States, two years ago after Janet Jackson decided to take the twins for a stroll at that years Super Bowl.

"It seemed like things were looking up for us. We were just getting back into syndication when Janet decided the flash America." said Wile E. Coyote "What the hell is that family on?"
Wile E., who shares a home in Harpoville with the Road Runner said, "That started the whole F.C.C. witch hunt and crackdown on excessive violence. For awhile there we couldn't get arrested on daytime TV, so, we moved up here.

Wile E. lit another cigarette and pondered their future, "We really like it here and felt pretty safe until all this happened. Now Harpo is sending troops to Afganistan it doesn't leave you felling safe anymore."

Wile E. added, "We've talked of moving back to the dessert, but isn't that where they live?"


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