Saturday, February 11, 2006

CRAZY COUSIN'S Exciting New Book: 'HARPOVILLE 154'

The Harpoville Post
Sunday Book Review

Welcome Cousin to another glorious day of overcast and drizzle here in Harpoville.

The Harpoville Post is pleased to announce the arrival of the exciting new book by our supreme leader Harpo. The further adventures of Crazy Cousin in the soon to be classic 'HARPOVILLE 154'.

How truly luckly we are Cousin, to be blessed with his diligence to created another grand novel, a follow up to his earlier masterpiece; '2006'. Another telling of truth for us to ponder and cherish for years to come. Already destine to be a best seller this view of our glorious future now foretold in 'HARPOVILLE 154'.

The story unfolds, Cousin, in the not too distant future to a time when our glorious world is rid of the lies that infest the homes of the fine patrons of Harpoville though the use of televised video screens.

The grand overseer, Crazy Cousin uses the cable company, to rid homes of the 'Lie Machine'. The cable men are dispatched to hunt down the TV screens, the evil will hide in their homes behind bookselves and cabinets. Though one cable man Gatnom starts to doubt his faith in Crazy Cousin and starts collecting DVD's of old TV sitcoms.

In the end he is hunted down and persecuted by the faithful and runs away to the North country where he wanders the snow covered fields commiting to memory old TV shows like Barb Wire, Happy Days and Friends, in his hope, that one day they will be remade and return in reruns over and over and over again.

Truly a warning to us all; "it is futile to resist."

Call to reserve your copy of 'HARPOVILLE 154' today in Sector C


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