Sunday, February 12, 2006

Buzz Bumped for Voting for the Losers

The Harpoville Post has learned that Canadian Auto Workers President Buzz Hargrove has been kicked out of the NDP Party for voting for the 'BIG' losers in last months election.

The NDP claim that Buzz or 'Bong Hit' as he's known to his friends, a long time NDP member, voted for the liberals in this past election.

An NDP spokesperson said, "We realize we are losers in this past election but, not as big a loser as the liberals. And somewhere in the NDP handbook it states that a member of the NDP party can not vote for a party that is a bigger loser than the NDP in any Harpoville federal election were the NDP are expected to be the losers in. I can't recall exactly were it says it in the handbook but, it's in there, somewhere."

When The Harpoville Post asked Buzz 'Bong Hit' Hargrove what his response was to these allegations, Bong Hit's reply was, "You know man when you get up in the morning, around noon, and there's somthing you're supposed to do but, you can't like think of it, so, the first thing you do when you get out of bed is to hit the bong man, right, then suddenly what you were supposed to do like vanishes man, and you just can't think of that thing you're supposed to do so you figure, man, I'll just put on some tunes and chill a while, and wait till what I was supposed to do comes back, and man sometimes it does but, not in this case."

The Haproville Post asked Bong Hit what he will do next, his relpy was. "You know man it's a drag they don't want me in the band, man, cause I think we really had a sound, which is really hard to come by, but man, I'm cool, there are other bands out there man that need a good,..... need a good,...... what instrument do I play man?"


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