Sunday, February 12, 2006

Harpoville Muslim Protesters Protest Computer Screens

Harpoville's Future Shop, CompuServe and Target May be Targets.

Walmart Not Ruled out

The Harpoville Post learned today that Harpoville Muslim proterters that are protesting cartoons of Allah are also protesting computer screens that display images of the cartoons.
The offensive cartoons in question, were first published last September in a newspaper in Denmark.
The Harpoville Muslim protestors wish to apoligize that it took them till January, some five months later to get the joke the cartoons were referring to and to realize how offensive the said cartoons were.

The Harpoville Muslim's want everyone to know they are sorry it took five months for them to get the joke, that wasn't very funny once they did get the joke, but apoligize for their lack of awareness to their own cause of stopping images of Allah in not very Allah like depictions.
Since no newspapers in Harpoville plan to publish the offensive cartoons in question a computer screen is the only way to view these said offensive cartoons.

The Harpoville Muslim's aren't sure when they may start protesting at The Harpoville Future Shop, The Harpoville CompuServe, or whether they'll even bother to target Harpoville's only Target.
Or, if they'll protest other store that sell computer screens that, once pluged in, turned on, and connected to the internet could, if you knew where to find them, call up the said offensive cartoons in question.

When The Harpoville Post asked if Walmart will be picked as a protest point a Harpoville Muslim's replied. "Gee, I don't even know if they sell computer screens. I have to go out there later today to pick up some things, I guess I'll ask while I'm out there."

The Harpoville Muslim's have promised to contact The Harpoville Post once they had decided where and what to protest.


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