Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We Seek Him Here
We Seek Him There
We Seek The Allusive Harpo

The Harpoville Post reports today of the strange disappearance of our beloved leader Harpo. Harpo has not been seen or heard from for over two weeks. The last time he spoke to The Harpoville Post, was when he announced his new cabinet.

The Harpoville Post had reported on his meeting with the King of America G.W.Bush just last week, but they met in secret and no photos were taken.

The Harpoville Post contacted Chief Constable Hugh Dickey of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police about reports of Harpo's disappearance. C.C. Hugh Dickey replied; "Missing, aye, I didn't hear anything about that. You can fill out a missing person report if you like but, I wouldn't worry about it, he'll show up, either on TV or at the morgue"
When asked by The Harpoville Post whether he was not concerned that the new Prime Minister of Harpoville was missing, his reply; "Not really, you see I've worked under five Prime Minister's, three in the last three years. If this one gets lost or disappears another will come along and take his place. Anyway, have you met Harpo in person? I don't think anyone can honestly say; ' They're missing the man', if you know what I mean. "

The Harpoville Post search for Harpo continues, but as Chief Constable Hugh Dickey added; "It's one thing to go missing, it's quite another to be missed."


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