Saturday, February 25, 2006


The Juice is Loose

O.J. Sought as prime suspect.

The Harpoville Post reports there has been a big break in the killings of two Canadians in Mexico.
It seems the Mexician police believe this may be the work of O.J. Simpson.

The Harpoville Post interviewed Mexician Police Chief Wan A. Outaher, and he told The Harpoville Post, "Si, O.J.'s our man. Si, the cutting technique was very professional and there's the fact there were no footprints at the scene, even with all that blood. A real pro. job, Si, 'The Juice' is on the loose."

The Harpoville Post asked the Chief of Police, if anyone saw O.J. at the Hotel or at the airport. "Si, my cousin, Sal, saw O.J. running through the airport, jumping over bags, he was in a real hurry, a real hurry."

O.J. has managed to stay out of the reach of police since his name arouse as a chief suspect in the case. But, The Harpoville Post managed to catch up to 'The Juice' out on the 13 tee of his favorite golf course in South Florida, where he resides.

The Harpoville Post asked O.J. what he thought of these accusations, his reply; "What the fuck? Who let you on this course?....... Are you members? ........ Canadians, I don't know no Canadians. ........ You better get you're lilly white asses off this course or I'm going to ram this four iron up your ass and show you what Christmas is like around my house."

The Harpoville Post asked the Chief of Police if there was any truth to the rumor of a bloody glove found at the scene, he replied; "Si, there was one bloody glove found at the scene, but that was a catchers mit and we do not feel it was important, so I cleaned it up and gave it to my son."


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