Tuesday, February 28, 2006

David Emerson Confident Illusionist

"Is this Cracker on Crack? "

The Harpoville Post learned today the Minister of Rough Trade and parttime confidence illusionist David Emerson said that he'd sure to be elected as a Conservative in his Vancouver riding, if an election were held today. This is the same riding he was elected as a Liberal in just five weeks ago.

The Harpoville Post ecourages Mr. Emerson to take his illusionist show on the road and have a re-election, Mr Emersion's reply; "I think I hear my Master Harpo calling I must go now, can't keep my Master waiting".

The streets of David Emerson's Vancouver riding have been ripe with protest since Dave was elected Liberal then lured across the floor to the Conservative camp with a Peach Pie job of Minister of Rough Trade.

The Harpoville Post has learned that in Mr. Emerson's staunch Liberal riding only 18 percent voted Conserative, and his loyal Liberals are picketing the streets calling for his head. Dave is showing his love and is rewarding his loyal Liberal followers by having them arrested and thrown in jail.

The Harpoville Post has been unable to contact leader Harpo on this matter, or any other. It seems Harpo has left Dave Emerson out on his own to defend his greedy, self serving, turn coat ways.

The Harpoville Post askes, "How is the master illusionist going to make this all disappear?"


Anonymous Cartersville said...

I'm interested in anything to do with the Civil War and with Cassville, Georgia. Your blog is interesting.


A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia

10:08 PM  

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