Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gwyn Morgan; "Canada is Corrupt"

The Harpoville Post
Sunday Editorial:

The Harpoville Post reports that Gwyn Morgan the executive chair of EnCana Corp., was in Harpoville this past week speaking to 100 very wealthy at The Empire Club.

The Harpoville Post listened as Mr. Morgan said; "Canada is corrupt because of increased drug use, internet porn and the increase violence on TV and on the streets of our country."

The Harpoville Post asked Mr. Morgan what was big business's role in the increase cost of living that helps drive the immoral values he speakes of, his reply; "It's up to business leaders to act as role models, to care and show strong ethical values."

The Harpoville Post then learned that Gwyn Morgan made $6.8 million dollars in the energy sector in 2004 and has refused to reveal how much he made in 2005.

The Harpoville Post asked Mr. Morgan if he had thought of running for politics, his answer; "I make way too much money to care that much."

For this The Harpoville Post has awarded Gwyn Morgan The 'Eat The Rich' Medal.
And it looks good on him.


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