Saturday, February 25, 2006

MEXICO: Canada's 'Tropical Graveyard'

The Harpoville Post
Advertizing Feature;

Come To Mexico, Fun, Sun and Caskets.
Let McCasket's Fun-eral Home give you
'a Holiday to remember.'

Mexico has been know for years as the perfect place to getaway, and if your planning a getaway, we at McCasket say getaway from it all in Mexico, Canada's new 'Tropical Graveyard'.

With McCasket's new 'Tropical Burial' you get it all, Fun, Sun, cheap woman, cheap booze and cheap smokes, and then when you got it all, be buried on the beach. It is a holiday to remember.

Enjoy my-ties in the morning, Fun and Sun in the afternoon then get buried at sunset.
It's The McCasket's way to end the perfct day.

Contact a McCasket's Fun-eral Home near you and plan your final getaway the McCasket's way.

With The McCasket's Tropical Burial you'll be saying; "Honey why didn't we do this sooner."


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