Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hospital Wait Times Will Have To Wait

Tony Clement: "I've suggested bigger waiting rooms."

The Harpoville Post reports of the Harpo Government Minister of Ill-Health Tony Clement suggestions on what to do about hospital room wait times,.............. wait for it.

The Harpoville Post spoke with Mr. Clement in Harpoville yesterday, he said; "Hospital wait times will just have to wait. I've suggested having a number system like they have at the fish market. Where you take a number and wait and eventually they call your number and you walk up to the counter and they say "Do you have a number?" and I say yes and they OK wait over there. We believe this will solve a lot of problems."

The Harpoville Post asked if he had any other ideas to improve the hospitals, Mr. Clement said; "I suggested a take a liver leave a liver tray at all emergency rooms. That went over pretty good, I think. But, wait times is somthing we'll just have to pitch in and row together, to run ideas up the flag pole, all of us rowing in the same direction. But, it won't be like the Titanic either, I mean I hope not. I mean what if what we did caused it to go down the crapper, that wouldn't be very nice now would it."

When The Harpoville Post told Mr. Clement that these ideas had all been suggested by previous Ministers of Ill-Health he said: "OK, how about this, bigger waiting rooms with nice soft music playing in the back ground. And we could offer free coffee, but that might agitate some people. OK, I got it herb tea,....... That's it we'll offer people herb tea. ...... See, wasn't that easy.


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