Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OSCAR NIGHT; Proof Aliens Have Landed

The Harpoville Post
Entertainment Feature:

"They live amongest us but, mostly in Los Angeles."

The Harpoville Post reports of a recent report just released from The Harpoville Science Labratory that Aliens do live amongest us.

The Harpoville Post spoke with Dr. Figrid Newton from The Harpoville Science Labratory about the existance of intelligent life from other planets living here on Earth. Dr.Fig. Newton replied; "Well, I wouldn't call what they are 'intelligent life', they do live amongest us but, the majority are actors living in Los Angeles."

The Harpoville Post has learned that the best time to view the Aliens is when they come out on Oscar night. "The Aliens like to adorn themselves in they're planets ceremonial dress and parade around like Peacocks, it's all quite amusing." Dr. Fig Newton told The Harpoville Post, "They hand each other awards, that only they understand why, and then act shocked and suprised then they receive them. It's the only real acting they do all year round. In all my years of studying Alien life it's the one thing I just don't understand."

The Harpoville Post asked Dr. Fig Newton whether the Aliens are easy to spot at the Oscars. He told us, "Once you know what to look for they're easy to spot. Cher, for example, her desire to return to her home planet is quite apparent. Whoopie Goldberger is an Alien but in her case without a home planet to return to. Then there is Bjork who acts like she's from another planet but, is actually from Iceland, which remarkably resembles Pluto. "

The Harpoville Post wonders if the Aliens are trying to communicate with Earth through their acting and films, he said, "If they are they're doing a piss poor job at it. Take for instance the films Ray, Walk The Line, and Capote, now anyone who would make a big deal over, by heaping awards on and giving alot of money to someone who imitates someone else has to be from another Planet, don't you agree."


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