Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Author, Back Broke

The Harpoville Post
Entertainment Feature
By Lance Inya

This award winning author feels she hasn't won enough awards

The Harpoville Post reports that Annie Proulx, the author of the very short story, Brokeback Mountain, is crying foul for being forgotten at this years Oscars. Just a week after the awards show Annie got her guns out and started blasting away at one of the hands that feeds her, the movie industry.

The gal's got a Pulitzer Prize, what else does she want.

The Harpoville Post spoke to Annie Proulx who said, "It was like a small time talent show without the talent." The 70 year old author seems to have failed to get the Oscars joke. The Oscars are about insecure no talent people giving each other statues. So, why does it take four hours to do, because there are so many of them. It's like Annie Proulex has never seen a Robert Altman film before.

S.O.S. Sister, what part didn't you get?

The Harpoville Post heard Ms. Proulx's claim that one of the films competitors, Crash, a film about racial tension in the USA a very popular subject to the racial mixed academy, handed out free DVD's, T-shirts and fridge magnets to lure votes from the academy voters. Well, 'HELLO' it obviously worked because the film won best motion picture.

This Harpoville Post reporter thinks that Ms. Proulx is kicking herself in the ass for not thinking of it first. This may be all sour grapes from an ol'gal who doesn't think she's got it in her to write another long, slow, short story about the end of cowboy life. Please, haven't we all rented Urban Cowboy one too many times.

This Harpoville Post writer suggests this gal get off her high Pulitzer Prize winning ass and get to work writting a story that will fit a rap track or two. The kids of today don't give two shits about two cowboys stuck on a hill. Now, if those two rednecks drove into town listening to Johnny Cash music and met an obnoxious little gay author at a Rap concert that was rallying against the Republican party then she'd have herself an Oscar winning movie.


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