Sunday, March 12, 2006

Five Chopped From Cushy Jobs

Blood drips from the walls of the Prime Ministers office

Harpo axes five to make room for friends

The Harpoville Post reports of leader Harpo's axing of five Canadian diplomats from five cushy Canadian jobs. Walking papers were handed to Stan Keyes, Mario Lague, Patrick Parizot, Bhupinder Liddar and Pamela Wallin as they were told to pack their bags and to get out of their respected Dodge's as quick as possible.

The Harpoville Post is curious whether this move is to divert attention away from all his other problems, such as Emerson-gate, Ethics-gate and the not-yet-called-a-war-gate.

Sandra Bunker spoke The Harpoville Post for the often absent Harpo, and said; "This is not as personal attack at the former government. The Prime Minister has many complaints about these five diplomats and has decided to clean house."
The Harpoville Post ask Sandra who will be taking their place, to which she replied; "The positions will be filled by five generous and loyal followers of Harpo, no one you know so don't ask that question again."

The Harpoville Post reports that shorty after Harpo won the election both Allan Rock, abassador to the UN and Frank McKenna, ambassador to the US resigned their post in fear of retaliation. Frank McKenna was replaced by Michael Wilson(shown above) once a high deficit finance minister and who co-chaired the failed Ontario Conservative election campaign.

The Harpoville Post wishes, this old step-and-fetch-boy, Michael Wilson many more unspectacular years knee deep in the public purse.


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