Thursday, March 02, 2006

CANADA'S (not yet called) WAR

"Harpo pledges unwaving support for 2,200, correction 2,190 troops"

The Harpoville Post reports of the body count climbing and the troop count slipping, in the Harpo Government's, not yet titled and not yet called 'a war', war in Afghanistan.

The Harpoville Post spoke in Harpoville to Brig.Gen. David Fraser as he was interviewed on C.B.C.'s The Hour TV show. Far from the front lines of the 'not yet called 'war', General Fraser said; "This is not a war. We will bring peace and stability with troops and weaponry."

When The Harpoville Post asked General Fraser why we are there, he said; "To help estabilish a Government to the region." But, when reminded that this region is over 4000 years old and most likely already has the Eastern style tribal war torn Government they've always wanted, General Fraser had no comment.

The Harpoville Post was on hand when leader Harpo underlined his commitment to the 'not yet called war' war by saying; "You do not send men and women into harm's way with only the support of the Conservative Party, the weapons manufactures, and a few self serving lobbyists, and then decide you're not sure you should have sent them over there in the first place. Not unlike our neighbors to the South who have spent 250 Billion Dollars, in two years on a war they can never win. I must remind you responsible is just not the way this Conservative Government is going to act."


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