Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chef Purged From 24 Sussex

HENRIK; Feel's disguarded like yesterdays leftovers

The Harpoville Post has learned that our leader Harpo is being sued by his former chef, Henrik Lundegaard, who is seeking $250,000 in a wrongful dismissal suit.
Harpo's purging, it seems, is not just confined to daycare dollars and politics.

The Harpoville Post received an exclusive interview from Harpo's ex-chef Henrik Lundegaard who still feels slighted by the Harpo's march to the big leagues, and he told us; "Harpo said to me; Poopken, that's what he called me his 'little Pooken in the kitchen', he said Pooken when I am ruler and we go to Sussex Drive you can come too. I knew what he meant by that." Then Henrik added, "And to prove my sincerity why don't you sussex on this. And, I knew what he meant by that too."

The Harpoville Post tried repeatedly to contact Harpo for comment but we were refused and forced, once again, to speak to Sandra Bunker, Harpo's comment advisor, she said; "As you can see the man is completely out of his mind, I've had better meals in a drive through."

The Harpoville Post spoke to Henrik's lawyer who said; "Henrick was fired after returning home from doing the families shopping and all this after Mrs Harpo had promised to take Henrik along with the family to 24 Sussex Drive. He was fired in an insulting, spiteful and malicious manner, and for that they'll pay."

To The Harpoville Post Sandra Bunker added; "Please, the man's useless, I can speak for Mrs Harpo and myself when we say we're purged better Chocolate Dream Mousse than that hack can muster up."

Henrik told The Harpoville Post; "It is hard for me not to feel my career, like many of my meals is heading down the toilet."


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