Monday, March 13, 2006

Menage-A-Trois Health Care

Is this Canada's Idea of a Three Way?

Alberta gets what Alberta wants

The Harpoville Post reports that Canada's richs province, Alberta, has decided to have a 'three way', pay as you go health care system. This is the first in Canada to what looks and smells like the end of socialized health care.

The Harpoville Post has learned that Harpo decided it was best to leave Harpoville and hide out in an Afghan bunker to stay clear of this shit storm now brewing, so he was unavailable for comment. Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement was equally as mute, but, his comment advisor told us, "It's premature to come to any conclusions to Mr. Klein's actions and we don't want to piss him off." The Prime Minister's office added, "We plan to wait a month, or so, till Mr. Klein does what he wants to distroy socialists medicine in his, very rich, province before we will comment. We all know Big Daddy gets what Big Daddy wants."

Alberta is passing Bill 11 that will see the demise of provincial protected guarantied health care and will start a system closer to the United States, where everyday, people get sick and go into bankruptcy in need of medical help.

The Harpoville Post spoke to Iris Evans, Alberta Health Minister, and she said, "We do not feel this is a move to 'only the rich' American style of health care, if the poor need a public system they can have that, if they can find it. " She then added, "We think people in our province will enjoy cleaning out their bank accounts and morgaging their homes just to buy over priced drugs and medical care. We believe it'll be a 'fun' thing."

The Harpoville Post asks why Harpo ran an election stating he would stand up and abide the Canadian Health Act, and within months of being elected, he bends over to get a free rectal exam by Big Daddy Klein. We believe his silence states Harpo may actually be enjoying it.


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