Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"WE LIKE WAR" New Poll Shows

Canadians Change their minds, again

The Harpoville Post reports of a new poll just released that shows how fickle us fickle Canadians really are. Last weeks poll showed that most 'inteligent' Canadians aren't interested in sending troops to and wasting money cleaning up after the Americans, but, that's all changed now. Today's poll shows Canadians want to send peacekeepers into the war torn country of Afghanistan to help build democracy.

The Harpoville Post has learned that a recent poll conducted by Tim Wildoanythinfomony of the Consevative Parties 'Strategic Councel' Polling firm, est. in 2006 this is the firms first poll. The poll was conducted in bars and restaurants situated outside of Canadian Military bases and in Canadian Legions throughout Quebec.

The Harpoville Post reports that the poll found 73 percent of respondents were attached to the military through marriage or birth, 57 percent were proud of them, 63 percent thought that if some of them die while over there that would be OK, and 43 percent of them wished they'd received some post dated cheques before they left because they felt they were going to be there for a long, long, long time. The poll also found that 70 percent of them would like to go out with a nice guy who had a steady job, who liked to have a few drinks, now and then and could show a girl a real good time.

The Harpoville Post also learned that the poll is actuate to plus or minus ten Jello shooters.


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