Sunday, March 19, 2006

Consider Infiltration as a Career

The Harpoville Post
Employment Report

The Harpoville Post reports that a lucrative career is waiting for you in RCMP Infiltration. Every year more and more graduates of the Harpoville College of Infiltration, or H.C.I. are reaping the rewards of their new career.

At H.C.I. our graduates learn the skills they need to infiltrate and 'rat out' to the authorites. Working hand in hand with the authorites to get them the information they seem incapable of gathering.

A recent H.C.I. graduate made $350,000 after infiltrating The Hells Angles in Manitoba for the RCMP. His diligent work and millions of taxpayers dollars were used to arrest 13 people on trumped up drug charges. Did the H.C.I. infiltrator have to use his own money to buy drugs? No sir-ee, the RCMP supplied all the money necessary to buy and party with the illegal substance.

How sweet is that, you ask? Pretty sweet.

So, hurry on down to your local H.C.I. office and talk to one of our trained informant consultants or drop by your local RCMP and ask for an informant application package then sit back and watch the money roll in with your new career in infiltration.

The Harpoville Post wishes to take a moment to remember an old school friend, Walter Stadnick, who sits rotting in a Quebec prison cell from just such expensive, exstensive police work.


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